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Vehicle Graphic Design
Make your message move with my vehicle graphic design packages. I create bus wraps as well as logos and captivating side/back images for corporate vehicles – putting your brand values out there on the road where they belong. Perfect for getting the attention of a number of captive markets – including other motorists and public transport users – van graphic design and vehicle graphic design are two of my fastest-growing services; and they’re services I love to provide.

The Moving Billboard
A vehicle with a full or partial advertisement or marketing message on it is basically a moving billboard. With the right combination of images and information, you can grab the attention of thousands of people every day. And with your vans, buses and lorries on the road for all to see, potential consumers will be reminded that you are working hard to deliver your products and services.
Why wait for your consumers to come to a static ad, when you can drive one right past their front door?
My van graphic design and commercial/public transport vehicle graphic design projects are created using a special adhesive wrap, which can transform any vehicle into a moving advertisement. The wrap may even be placed across windows on public transport vehicles, using a special printing technique to ensure that light still passes through to the vehicles interior.
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Size Doesn’t Matter
People often tell you that size matters. It doesn’t – not for vehicle branding anyway! I can create designs whose extremely high print quality means they can be transferred to any kind of vehicle – from a small two seater delivery van to an articulated lorry. The most important thing for a vehicle branding project is the attention-grabbing factor. With your marketing message on the move, its content needs to be delivered quickly and cleanly. My vehicle graphic design projects apply the same uncluttered principles I use in all my work, to bring brand-appropriate messages to the open road.

Connecting Your Message
It’s important for all of your advertising to have online backup – a branded home on the web, where your customers and clients can go to find out more information. I work closely with high quality web developers to design full sites for your brand, or to develop landing pages for specific promotions. I can also work with your existing web development team, providing design and images to tie your mobile advertising campaign to your online presence. Call me on 07546 681 556 for more information, or get in touch through

Your Logo on the Road
Not all van graphic design is a promotion for a specific product (like a film) or service. Sometimes, you just need a livery that your customers can recognise when your delivery drivers pull up in the street. I can provide vehicle graphic design services that turn your existing logo into as mobile calling card; or develop a full visual presence for you, including a new logo that can be used on the sides and backs of your delivery fleet. Talk to me about providing your vehicle design service as a standalone project, or as part of a wider design service: 07546 681 556.


Transport Design prices

Car or small van, lettering only
From £299
Car or small van, mix of colour / lettering / images
From £399
Car or small van, complete digital design
From £599

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