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Quality magazine designs that make your message work

As a qualified magazine designer (I have a Master’s degree in magazine design), I know what works for your message. Layout that lets your content breathe. Images that jump off the page. Mastheads that brand your magazine designs brilliantly and distinctively. Whatever you have to say, and whoever you’re trying to say it to, my magazine designs get your message out there in those all-important first few seconds.

Time counts. My magazine designs make it work for you.

In the world of graphic design magazines are numbered among the most time sensitive projects. Artwork and content have lead in times that require compelling future issues to be locked down months before production. And that’s not the only way in which time has an effect on your finished product. In a world full of images, you’ve got less than 10 seconds to make an impact – with a magazine cover, with the layout of an article, with the contents page. My magazine designs place images and text in groups (they’re called “blocks” in the industry), so when your reader’s eye scans the layout he or she gets the context, the theme and the hook straight away. From industry to industry and subject to subject, I make sure your content is saying everything loud and clear. Interested? Contact me on 07546 681 556 for more information, or you can email me at

Magazine designs that talk your language

Every industry has a different language. That’s true for visual representation as well as for the words you use. My magazine designs use the visual cues most appropriate to your market – smart bullet points and fact lists for educational supplements, big colour spreads for fashion magazines, clean clear layouts for graphic design magazines. The layout of every page is vital. Features and key pieces are given the design cues they need to stand out: big double page spreads, arresting photos and colourful inserts. Professional pieces, industry journals and reviews are kept plain and simple. By talking to your audience in layout as well as words, my magazine designs reinforce your professionalism, your relevance and your authority.

Creating the perfect cover

Great magazine designs start with a cover that grabs your audience’s attention. From killer mastheads to arresting images, everything your target reader sees should make him or her want to know more. My magazine designs start with an in depth understanding of your product, your purpose, your industry and your readership. The images, the layout and the font are designed to appeal to the people who want what you sell, or who are interested in reading what you have to say. You’ll get multiple cover options to choose from, too, so you can split test for the best effect or choose the layout that most accurately reflects the design you see in your head. Call 07546 681 556 to book a cover design appointment, or email me:

Laying out your magazine

The right layout gives your stories room to breathe. When I graphic design magazines, I develop a series of layout template options for client brands, based on the audience that’s going to be reading the content and the brands themselves. My designs are created to appeal to a readership that increasingly gets its content on a screen as well as on a page – clean, simple and elegant, with images that can be resized or cropped for reading on a mobile phone or tablet. I can also advise on the content itself: if you need help tweaking your headline for the perfect turn of phrase, or outlining the thrust of your article or advertisement in a few well chosen words, my content writers will do it all for you.

Vector images

I work with vector images to ensure that your magazine design can be reproduced in any size. Your front page can be blown up for a poster campaign, or shrunk to a thumbnail for your website – and the colour and clarity of the image will always remain the same. This is the same technique sued in graphic design magazines and across both web and print design media.

Typography and your magazine designs

In graphic design magazines are created using a number of key skills – layout, imaging and of course typography. For both the cover and internal content of your magazines, typography is probably the most essential and skilled element. It all starts with font selection. As a magazine designer, it’s vital that I choose the font that works for your layout, your cover, your article – a font that outlines the personality of your brand, adheres to the design brief for the magazine as a whole, and is readable. I work with a vast library of fonts, which I have collected and collated over the years – and like any perfectionist, I spend hours agonising over which typeface precisely represents the character and content of your design! If you’d like to know more, email me at, or give me a call: 07546 681 556.

Working with your design team

As a magazine designer, I am often asked to work with existing design teams, content creators and editors. I can fit with your budget, your hierarchy and your lead in times – just have a look at the endorsements I have received from editors and publishers on the magazines I work with already! I can work for you remotely, or, if you prefer, I can come into your offices and work directly alongside the other designers and contributors for your publication.

Your magazine, your files

Once you have signed off on your magazine design, and paid the balance of your invoice, all copyright for images, layout designs and content passes to you. I supply a detailed set of design guidelines with every masthead and layout design so you can use them for future issues without diluting the effect of the design or the personality of your brand. All images are delivered to you as vector files (see above) so you can reproduce them in any place and to any size. Buy following the design guidelines I have supplied, you’ll be sure that your magazine’s impact remains strong in all of your print collateral, online content and advertising too.

Corporate magazine designs

Corporate magazines are a great way to reinforce the values of your brand, either for your employees or for your consumers. They can be used to advertise new products, take advantage of seasonal consumption and release special offers. It’s important that corporate magazine designs are created to showcase the personality and ethos of your brand: visually, as well as in content terms. I can act as a consultant for every element of your magazine design, from the look and feel of the cover to the type of content you include: or I can work purely as a designer, working with the content brief you supply. I can work with existing corporate logos and fonts to create a masthead and overall look that works with your current branding – or develop a brand for you alongside the magazine. Contact me today on 07546 681 556, or email to discuss your corporate magazine design requirements.

Art magazine designs

Art and graphic design magazines have their own language – bold images, severe layouts and challenging fonts. My art magazine designs are created in close consultation with you, the client. I start with a detailed brief, and a meeting to define the statement you want to make. Then I supply a selection of cover designs and layouts for you to choose from. Once you’re happy we’ve arrived at a look and feel that really gets the attention of our target audience, I start work on the finished design. Proofs are submitted for your approval, and any changes you would like me to make are done at this stage. The finished design and layout is then signed over to you, along with all files and documents that have been created during the project.

Masthead and banner design

As well as full magazine designs, I also supply banner, logo and masthead designs. All banner, logo and masthead designs are delivered with brand guidelines, and are intended for use in multiple publications. Your guidelines will include colour variants, monochrome alternatives and layout information, to ensure that you always publish articles; covers; and features that fit with the personality and intentions of your business. If you’d like to know more, or want to book a no obligation design consultation, please call me on 07546 681 556. If you prefer to email me with our requirements, you can reach me at

Understanding your brand

As a magazine designer, my prime role is to understand your brand: who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. My magazine designs are here to help you find your audience, engage with them, and turn casual consumers into dedicated brand evangelists. Whatever you sell, and whoever you sell it to, your journey to the heart of your audience begins here. Call me today on 07546 681 556.

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