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A label is the heart of a product. It’s what your consumers look for when they’re shopping in a supermarket, and it’s what they’re buying when they choose your clothes. Your label is your seal of quality, your affirmation that everything it appears on bears the hallmarks of your brand’s personality and ethos. Label design is different depending on the product and brand to which it is applied. A food item, for instance, needs a highly visible label, which can differentiate it from similar foodstuffs on a packed shelf. While a clothing label can be discreet, something your consumer actively seeks out when buying your clothes. As a freelance label designer, it’s my job to ensure that your labels fit your product and your corporate image – attracting your consumers and endorsing your products with that sense of authenticity.

Food and Drink Labels
I supply complete labeling and packaging design concepts for food and drink products: including side and back packaging images. My designs are created to reflect your company’s personality and values, and I will always work within corporate guidelines for style and content. My label designs are clean, informative and full of impact. I develop food and drink labels whose colour schemes and contents make them leap off the shelves – and have designed for a range of product types including wine; soft drinks; beer and other alcoholic canned drinks/small bottled drinks; and all food types (including tins and boxes).

Clothing Labels
Clothing labels require a different kind of design sensibility depending on the personality of the client. For some clothing brands – for example, a sporting clothes brand – the logo and branding of a piece of clothing needs to be visible and arresting: part of the outward appearance of the clothing itself. For others, who make formal or intimate clothing items, labels have to be discreet and sophisticated. I can develop clothing label designs within existing corporate guidelines (for example transferring existing logos into the confines of an insert label); or I can produce a full branding development including the design of both logo and label. For more information, call me on 07546 681 556; or email

Shape and Style
The shape of some products, or packaging, dictates the kind of label designs we can use. I have experience in designing all label types: flat labels for use on the front of packaging; fabric labels for stitching onto or into clothing; four-sided labels for use on box packets; or strip labels to be passed around a can. I also design labels that are printed directly onto different three-dimensional shapes – for example, the colours, logos, and text printed on drinks can.

As a freelance label designer, I use only the latest versions of the most popular professional design software. All design files are supplied in professional quality print format and are backed up for six months after the completion of each project. If you would like to discuss your label design requirements with me, please call 07546 681 556, or email me at


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