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MJacobs Coffee Label Design


Oriental Coffee and Tea LTD


2 weeks

Project description

With Oriental Coffee and Tea LTD started to work few year ago. The company director was looking for a professional logo designer for their brand. The logo was created by vintage manual hand grinding coffee machine, the icon was drowned from the old picture that was provided by the client. For writing, we created light and easy reading font, to have a warm and unique style, signature style. Afterward created label for coffee, package design, business cards designs and started work with website design too.

The idea of M.JACOBS began in late 2013 that by providing bespoke tea and coffee along with personal attention to service for discerning customers would enable them to discover the flavourful world of tea and coffee. The idea came up when they asked to educate people who wanted to know, understand, talk, share ideas and educate their palates on fine coffees and tea and not just drink it.