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Label Design for Food Package


BeJi`s - Kashmiri Basaar


2 weeks

Project description

Label graphic design for Traditional Curry Powder – BeJi`s – Kashmiri Basaar. Label design was created a few years ago and now successfully can be found in any local food store or can be ordered online. The client already had a logo design, all we need to do is to create an eye-catching package design. We choose a bright yellow palette, to represent curry powder style and taste. At the bottom of the package, we left a transparent place so that the customer could straight away see what is in inside.

Kashmiri curry powder is a unique blend of spices which helps you cook fantastic tasting curries no matter how much expertise you have in cooking curries. The Kashmiri curry powder is vibrant in colour and is full of flavour which doesn’t overpower the curries’ main ingredients.